Panel Type Solar Cooker Educooker003

@is our second panel type solar cooker. It was designed to have a much higher cooking performance than 002. It can cook 2 cups of rice even in winter season in Japan. We would like to introduce it to the countries at relatively high lattitudes. It is also suitable as an educational material to teach people that the simple panel type solar cooker as this can have a practical cooking power. We have tested the performance of Educooker003 in Philippine, Nepal, Egypt, Kenya, Indonesia, Bolivia, Pakistan, New York, Indiana (testing in progress), etc. We now have a much endurable plastic version by the joint research with Toyo Aluminum Co.



The newest plastic version 003i.


Place a couple of sticks under the pot to suppress the heat loss by the conduction.

Temperature comparison

With the sticks you can reach the cooking temperature in 90 min. while without them the temperature is around 80 degrees for the 500ml of water. In winter take a little longer time for the complete cooking.


You can fold it this small.

If you want to fold it more compact, see here.